Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password. How do I get it?

If you remember your username, you can go here to have your password reset. If you've forgotten both your username and your password, or you don't have access to your original email address, email us at

How can I suggest a feature?

Please send us your suggestions and feedback! Email:

Suggest anything, big or little. We would love to improve Echo.

Something's broken - who do I tell?

Please help us make Echo better! Email:

How is Echo related to Clover?

The creator of Echo Prayer recently started a new company called Clover. He and another partner are trying to solve the problem that many churches and ministries face: how do you build and maintain a high quality website when you don't have tens of thousands of dollars to throw at it.

Clover is pretty revolutionary and is beginning to change the face of church web design. Check it out if you're in need of a new website (or if you know of another ministry that could benefit from it).

The sites are beautiful, extemely easy to use, and more affordable than anything even remotely like them.

Can I promote Echo at my church or organization?

Yes, please do! You have full permission to use any graphics or text on this site for promotional purposes.

Also, here is a little package of promotional material for print and web:

download promotional material

(right-click on the link and choose "Save Target As..." or "Save File As...")

If you would like the photoshop files or any other special promo files, let us know at

How do I report abuse?


How do I cancel my account?

Whad'ya mean you want to cancel? It's free.

Actually, no one will look down on you in the slightest if you want to cancel. Echo is just a tool, and it's not useful for everyone. Just email and say that you want to cancel.

How do I enable cookies?

Cookies must be enabled for Echo to work (and for most sites with a login to work). Follow Google's instructions to enable them.

How do I enable javascript?

Javascript must be enabled for Echo to work. Follow Google's instructions to enable it.

Privacy Policy:

Because Echo is still in its early stages, we're going to be testing it a lot and adding new features. We're working on a system to ensure that we never accidentally see your prayers, but we can't promise that yet. What we do promise is that:
  • We will never purposely look at your account information, prayers or journal without your permission.
  • We will never sell or give your email address or personal information to anyone else.
  • We won't send you spam of any kind. You'll only get emails for the reminders you set and for occasional announcements if you sign up for the mailing list.
If you have any concerns, let us know at


For help with something, email

For all other inquiries, email
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