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I can't wait to share this with my friends! ...I honestly see this being the most influential tool to spur the church on to prayer that I have ever seen.... I can't begin to tell you how much this has helped my prayer life... Thanks again for using your gifts to help the rest of the body!

  -- Bill N, Oswego, IL

I am such a prayer warrior. I love Echo Prayer. It's helped me so much in my prayer life. I'm one of those people who before would write prayers on slips of paper & would just end up losing them. This program has helped me so much. It's such a blessing! Thank you so much for all you do!

  -- Kathryn V, San Diego, CA

I just started using echo prayer, but I’m already amazed at how God can use it!!! My friends are really sick today they emailed me and asked me to pray for them. Well, although my prayer requests are sent randomly, I received two prayer requests for them in a row! (Coincidence? No. God using technology? Yes.) I already prayed for them this morning, but the reminders kept me in prayer for the rest of the day. What an incredible tool!

  -- Michele A.

I wanted to tell you how much Echo is revitalizing my prayer life. It is really transforming my commitment to prayer. Not only by reminding me to pray, but by causing it to become a habit, so that now every teenie-tiny thing that comes my way I pray about. I've always prayed about the big stuff, and prayed at least once a day a general quick prayer about what's going on (usually at dinner or bedtime), but it is quickly becoming a mindset and a focus. I spend more time in prayer and, above that even, I'm learning to listen for God's answers. So many times I pray and then go on my way, without taking time to really listen to what God tells me during my prayers and after because I'm already on to the next thing. I just wanted you to know that because of your faithfulness to God's leading, your project is touching lives and it is certainly touching mine.

  -- Sarah L, St. Paul, MN

I just joined it and it's already one of my favorite things!!! I love it!!! It's so perfect for me. I'm a college student and I sometimes find it hard to remember who to pray for with all the other stuff I am suppose to remember. This is wonderful!!:) Thank you so much for this service! It's such an amazing tool that will help me draw closer to the God whom I want to grow closer to everyday. What a great reminder to slow down and take time to just talk to God. Thanks again!!

  -- Lauren S, Benton, IL

I just checked out your site and it is amazing!! My first reaction was, "Aw, it's so pretty!" And then I signed up and added a few prayer requests. ...I just can't tell you how perfect something like this is for me right now. ...Oh, and I like how many options there are - being able to make things bold or whatnot (I especially like the "bullet point feature"). I have a feeling one of my favorite options is going to be the "This Prayer has been Answered" feature. For a few years now I've been keeping a list of answered prayers as a way to encourage and remind myself of how faithful God is. But I often only remember or think to write down the big ones that get answered and not the little ones. But the little ones are SO important too.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that this website is a list-maker/organizer/librarian-type/but-really-busy-person-like-me's dream.

  -- Laura G, Champaign, IL

I just wanted to thank you for making Echo Prayer. It worked this morning and I was overwhelmed with how selfish I am with my time, and my thoughts. I got up and had my time with God but by the time that message to pray came up on my phone, I was engulfed in thoughts of myself – my day, my weight, my hair, my kids, my husband, work – nothing about God…all of it was about how I was going to do what and when and where…

So, anyway, the Echo served more than one purpose – it reminded me to pray but it also reminded me that I am not the one in control and my silly life isn’t as crazy as I make it to be!

  -- Meagan M, Simi Valley, CA

Echo has revolutionized my prayer life. I get updates three times a day on my cell phone and each time I stop and pray right then for the request and end up praying for more than just that prayer request.

  -- Danny P, Simi Valley, CA

Slowly I’ve migrated my prayer list to Echo and it’s been really helpful to remind me to pray and not forget to pray for people.  For anyone who works at a computer for most of their week, this is an incredible tool for the kingdom of God!

  -- Arlen N, Kapolei, HI

I wanted to say thank you for creating the prayer program! I use it mostly for the prayer journal, and it is freaking awesome to have someplace to put my thoughts!

  -- Nick E, Simi Valley, CA

Echo has been so amazing in my prayer life! I'm such a slacker when it comes to praying, but now it's a constant reminder that i need to step up and use this gift of prayer that God has given me. Thank you!

  -- Melina H, Simi Valley, CA

It can be quite difficult to practice the command to pray without ceasing yet this site makes it a lot easier.  I have found it extremely helpful to have my day interrupted with a text message reminding me to pray for family as well as our church missionaries.  No matter how distracted I get with the busyness and the stress of my day, Echo Prayer has reminded me of what my mind should be focused on. 

  -- Matt M, Simi Valley, CA
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